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About us


Užavas Beer stands by its strong values by brewing beer in the traditional way using only four natural components – water, barley malt, yeast and hops. Užavas Beer’s quality and balance of taste stands as an example of what a real beer should be.


A multitude of ingredients, found in nature, can be added to beer allowing for the creation of a wide selection of beers with many delicate nuances of flavour, colour and aroma.

Brewing technology has advanced through the ages and Užavas Beer, from the very beginning, has used the highest quality German stainless-steel equipment.
Initially, local malt was used but Latvia’s climate is not the best for producing the needed quality so, an analogue produced in Austria was chosen for our brewing process along with the highest quality and abundance of imported hops and yeast.
The most important ingredient of all – WATER – is acquired locally from an 89 meter deep artesian aquifer.


SIA “UŽAVAS ALUS” was founded in 1994 shortly after Latvia’s restoration of independence

Because of the high-quality water of the Užava area, this was the clear choice for the location of our brewery. Here our proprietor first built his residence containing a small brewery. Bringing under the same roof his passion for family and beer making.
Užavas Beer quickly gained popularity and it soon became clear that a home brewery would not suffice. Therefore, in 1999 a foundation for a second, larger brewery was laid next to the house that opened in 2000.
Once upon one summer Solstice Eve the brewery’s cellar was emptied from the insatiable demand of our beer, but a nearby third, almost completed brewery, stood as proof that our beer will always be available! We are so proud of our current brewery that has been producing high quality beer since 2008.