Several materials can be found in nature that man has learned to use in order to make beer, turning them into thousands of beer breeds with many diverse tastes, colors and nuances of aroma. Quality material and selected recipes are the foundations for brewing beer. The content of Užavas beer is made up from 4 natural, classical components of beer:

Water – as water is the dominating part of the beer, it necessary to find and acquire the best and most appropriate one for brewing beer. It comes from an artesian borehole which was selected by testing water samples from many different alternative boreholes. Water analysis was done in Latvia water testing and German brewery laboratories, where the chemical composition of our acquired water was announced as appropriate for the quality of drinking water and beneficial for the manufacture of beer.

The other materials of Užavas beer were bought from different countries – Germany, Belgium and Austria. It’s been defined so by our demands for quality and the limited resources of Latvia beer materials. Originally, upon starting to manufacture beer, we used malt produced in Latvia, but due to lack of sun and known climatic circumstances, the loss per one ton of beer is approximately 180 l, thus brewery currently uses imported materials in production process.

Barley malt – in the process of producing beer „Užavas alus”, three types of malt are being used – light malt, caramel malt and burned malt. The taste and aroma of beer is dependent on the type of malt used.
Hops – in order to give beer a bitter and gentle aroma, brewery has a close cooperation with a company of Belgium, which provides granulated hops of the highest quality.
Yeast – in the production process of modern beer, it has the main function, in order to leaven the existing starches from beer wort into ethyl alcohol and CO2, to attain not only the strength of beer, but also effervescence.

We assign great importance to stable and tested providers of materials, because it is important for us to maintain the constant taste and quality of beer. The classic recipe of Užavas beer and favorite taste properties are the mutual work of the company owner, friends and company brewery staff. This event has its own development, which could be called as “Latvianisation of taste”. By adapting the recipe for the demands of our customers and region and notions of a pleasant taste, the work of technologists turned out very successful – the composition of taste created gained a great response in a wide circle of beer lovers.