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     Brewing beer is an ancient tradition of the Latvian people. Modern beer has been created from the experience of centuries, and its production is based on traditions, knowledge and skills received in heritage from another generations.

     SIA „UZAVAS ALUS” company, as one man’s property, was established a soon after Latvia gained back its independence on 1994. In a time when knowledge about business were very flawed, by beginning to produce beer from a wing of a private building, by choosing to work with modern technologies, modern beer production was learned. Regardless of the misfortunes and fortunes, the company was able to gain a rich experience of life and business. „Ventspils Užavas alus” continues to work successfully for more than 22 years as a separate small beer brewery.

     Both an ancient tradition and faithful work which is required to maintain the trust of our beer lovers, a new tradition has been born amongst consumers now – to bring out Užavas beer during celebration, parties and communication in honor.

     The customer base of Užavas brewery is made of from more than 350 companies, which represent shops, bars, restaurants, pubs and wholesalers. We are proud with our customer base, which is still expanding. Brewery receives cooperation offers not only from the closer neighbor countries such as Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, but also from Scandinavian countries such as Holland, Sweden and Finland.